Faculty Workshops


OIT’s instructional technology workshop portfolio provides a diversity of opportunities to engage instructors and staff alike. In addition to the Canvas workshops, we provide several other workshop and certification opportunities in which instructors (or staff) may choose to participate. Below is a sample inventory of workshops currently available.

Workshops in our inventory are rotated monthly in the workshop schedule. However, if you or your staff would like a workshop that is not listed on the month’s schedule, send an email to Nicole at nhouse@deltastate.edu and we’ll provide or customize a workshop for you.


Canvas Workshops

Canvas workshops are offered in three distinct categories: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Individuals can benefit from participation in sessions at any level. The categories do not restrict registration in any training and sessions do not have to be taken in a particular order. To learn more about the training types, click on the category names below.




Instructional Technology Workshops

Instructional technology workshops are offered on various tools and elements for enabling interactive content and increasing audience engagement. Instructors and staff may register for any of the sessions that fit their particular interests or personal needs. To learn more about these trainings, click on the category names below.


Social Media


Technical Project Based Certifications Workshop Series

The instructional technology team provides hands on, project-based workshops designed to facilitate project completion, as well as credential participants. Unlike other workshops, instructors must complete both workshops in sequential order and demonstrate technical competency by completing a final project to earn media certification from the Office of Information of Technology. To learn more about these workshops, click one of the category names below.




Online Professional Development Courses

Integrating Social Media in Your Class

Technology Enhanced Pedagogy Workshops

Blended Teacher Academy

Faculty Technology Institute