Faculty Footprints

Faculty IT Project Highlights

We regularly team with faculty to support teaching with technology, as well as faculty research by securing the technology and tools that assist with their professional and teaching efforts. By using technology to enhance teaching and learning, our faculty are leaving digital footprints to positively influence the entire university community. This page highlights some of the projects executed by faculty with whom we teamed.


Dr. Liza Cope, Assistant Professor of Math

Project: Research Titled “Using Apps to Enhance Mathematics Education”

The Office of Information Technology awarded Dr. Cope a 2013 OIT Challenge grant to fund her research. Funds were used to purchase iPads to enhance the teaching skills of pre-service  math teachers. Cope began experimenting with the apps in one of her fall 2013 classes and two of her spring 2014 classes. The success of this project will be determined based upon students’ survey responses and pre-service teachers’ scores on the technology-specific indicators on their Teacher Intern Assessment Instrument (TIAI) and Teacher Work Sample (TWS). Dr. Cope will not have the TWS or TIAI data until the students make it to their student teaching semester. Cope hopes to present her findings at the 2015 Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference.

Dr. Nina Baghai-Riding, Professor of Biology & Environmental Sciences

Project: Research Poster Titled “An Overview of Delta State University Herbarium

Dr. Baghai-Riding utilized the OIT teaching lab in 114 Bailey to develop and edit her poster with Adobe Illustrator software. Delta State’s Herbarium is a distinguished and nationally known collection of works. Baghai-Riding’s goal was to capture the intrinsic details of the specimens and organize them in a visually organized manner. In particular, the poster submission needed finer graphic details and text formatting for which Adobe Illustrator was the perfect tool. Dr. Riding presented her poster project at the Botany 2013 conference July 27-31, 2013 in New Orleans, LA.