Great Vines Think Alike


When Twitter first arrived as a social blogging scene circa 2006, people scratched their heads at the 140-character posting length. Nonetheless, the company experienced major growth at every turn. Who could have forecast that the service would grow from 400,000 tweets a day to more than 65 million a day? I mean who has time for that?

Apparently alot of people with short attention spans and an eagerness to share bite-size information about what’s important in their lives at #I’mSoBored. The truth is that today more than ever, we do have more gadgets and technology competing for our attention. And digital natives tend to flock towards the those tools that require the least amount of time to learn (some of us non-dig natives too!). Enter Vine.

Vine is a video-sharing app. Like Twitter, it has a limit that some would question in terms of viability. However, if it catches on like Twitter, why not capitalize now? They grew to 40 million users in less than a year. And Vines can be shared on Instagram and Twitter…Facebook for the 35 and older crowd.After all, how many colleges are recruiting students via Twitter? How many professors have integrated Twitter into their courses?

What makes Vine unique is that you only have six (6) seconds to tell your story. How powerful is that? Every second, every word, every image must have meaning. Not to mention that a lack of storage space and limited access to longer videos may make Vine extremely appealing for students. Check out the Vine from University of Michigan below. Critics are talking and it’s worth considering how Vine can be used in your classes or with other efforts when trying to reach an audience that doesn’t have much time.



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