Instructional Technology Trends Alert for 2014

A body of works from academic and technology experts suggests that the trends in technology for 2014 will revolve around support as much as accessibility. A synopsis of research indicates that there are several major educational technology trends to watch for in 2014. How we prepare to address these trends can help us shape more innovative course delivery and strategically allocate technical resources to accommodate future trends and growth.

Three common themes are apparent in the emerging trends: Social, Technical, and Technological. It is useful to understand the trends in schematic terms to better explore means to support pedagogical efficacy among faculty attempting to deliver meaningful e-learning activities with measurable outcomes.

The infographic below contains some of the top trends we are closest to achieving. Although educational technology discussions include rosy visions of wearable technology, open source content management and the BYOD explosion, discussants often overlook the fact that colleges must become increasingly strategic in allocating IT resources to keep pace and support technological innovations in education. Bandwidth and network security anyone? Download the NMC Horizon Project 2014 Higher Education Edition Preview for pertinent information concerning future trends in scalability and teaching.




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