September Success Stories

Faculty Earn OIT Certification

Drs. Cindy Casebeer and Leslie Fadiga-Stewart recently became the first DSU faculty to earn podcasting certification offered by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Instructional Technology staff. In August, Instructional Technology staff began developing intensive Advanced Project workshops that lead to instructional technology certifications. OIT will grant the certificates to recognize faculty who complete advanced technology workshop series, demonstrate mastery in execution of supported instructional technology, and seek to advance online education at Delta State University. The next certification course will be offered in November.

To receive the certificate, faculty had to create a podcast theme with at least three episodes and publish the first episode in an RSS feed by the end of the workshop series. In the first workshop, participants explored pedagogical implications for podcasting, expected outcomes, and research opportunities for working with podcasting data. IT staff then trained the participants to use Audacity and lab hardware to create their podcasts. The following day faculty members “did homework” as they worked solo to hone their scripts and record their audio. On the last day, IT assisted faculty with editing their audio, branding their segments with music tracks, and publishing their themes using Canvas Discussions.


Dr. Cindy Casebeer receives her podcasting certificate from Dr. Edwin Craft, CIO.

Dr. Casebeer is an Assistant Professor and Special Education Program Coordinator for the College of Education & Human Sciences.  Casebeer’s podcast was created specifically for her Special Education Assessment course to address reliability and validity.  She admits putting together a podcast with episodes did take some time, but it was well spent to provide clarification to course concepts like validity and reliability.  “The purpose of the podcast was to help my students develop a more thorough understanding of these issues,” she says.



Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart receives her podcasting certificate from Dr. Edwin Craft, CIO.

Dr. Fadiga-Stewart is an Associate Professor of Political Science for the College of Arts & Sciences and DSU Honors Program Director.  She also hopes to use her podcast to emphasize content for her International Politics course so that students can relate and reflect on the material in a more personalized way.

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